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Algonquin's Of Ontario Gathering (July 11th and 12th 2009 )

 A Gathering of the Algonquin's of Ontario took place on July 11th and 12th at the Pikwakanagan Pow Wow Grounds. A milestone was reached when the status and non status communities gathered for the common interest of reunification....

. The purpose of the Algonquin Nation gathering was to promote  revitalization of the Algonquin culture, promote re-unification of the Algonquin Nation and provide an opportunity for Algonquin citizens to socialize. There were workshops, presentations and teaching on the Algonquin History and Culture. There was a Harvesting tent set up to display the maps and furs and traps used for the fur trading industry. Chief Patrick Glassford and others looked after the tent and also were in charge of barbecuing a moose which was harvested for the occasion. The Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation also set up a tent to display their community accomplishments and aboriginal talents. Trevor Tennant a renowned Algonquin Artist's paintings were on display as well as Andy Frost who displayed different animal pelts and his hand carved paddles. Mrs. Jones also displayed her quilts that she makes.There was also a Wellness tent set up to display the dangers of Alcohol and drug abuse.

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Drummer's Pictures

Community Flags



Wellness Tent

Harvesting Tent

Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation Tent



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